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August 9, 2019

Sea Turtle Give Back…

We love sea turtles . . . exhibit A . . . our logo! When the foundation for Tee 2 Sea was just starting to come together and we were sourcing fabric, we came across this innovative new product that is woven from recycled water bottles. One reason that this impressed us to the core is because water bottle pollution in our oceans is a common source of internal problems for the sea turtles. Yes, it’s true that we cannot solve the world’s problems by using recycled fabric, but it sure feels good to know that we are using some of those bottles to create this beautiful, silky fabric . . . 84% to be exact!!! Thank you for being part of the solution!

In addition to putting the pesky water bottles to use, we are very happy to donate $1 of every dress purchase for sea turtle preservation. For the past two years we have given to The Sea Turtle Hospital on Marathon Key.

“Bubble Butt” syndrome from plastic waste consumption. Sadly these turtles cannot dive for food on their own.
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