It has truly been a blessing to serve you over the past few years. God inspired our line, showing us the need for a modest, eco-friendly and fashionable line of women’s golf clothing that makes it easy to transition to the next stop on the agenda. Now our families have multiplied, grandchildren are calling our names, and it’s clearly time to move on. Covid was the final sign as the factory we used in North Carolina permanently closed their sewing division. It’s been a wonderful journey and we will always remember that it was also YOU that made it possible. Please enjoy up to 75% off as we clear our inventory.

Be safe, be happy, and be comfy and lovely in your Tee 2 Sea for many years to come!


Lisa Balconi and Cherie Henn

Pick your print Spring 2020 Collection!

Eco Friendly LifeStyle Wear

Our fabric content is:

  • 84% Polyester from Recycled Bottles
  • 16% Spandex
  • Antimicrobial
  • Dry wicking

UV Protection – 94%


Buff & Stuff!

SAVE THE MASKS FOR MEDICAL STAFF! Try Tee 2 Sea’s answer for Social Distancing!  Our Buffs are anti-microbial, washable, multi-taskers, made in America, soft and comfy, and frankly…really cute. When you don’t need the buff just wear it around your neck for a little punch of color.          

April 7, 2020 Read More

There’s More to the Story…

You are helping us bring jobs back to America!

August 22, 2019 Read More

On the Go with Tee 2 Sea!

Send us your photos in Tee 2 Sea!

August 12, 2019 Read More

Sleeves 2 Go!

Want to learn more about our Sleeves 2 Go?

August 10, 2019 Read More
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